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Why should you use Concert Health Resources as Your Wellness and Advocacy Provider?

Follow the Pathways below to see how Concert Health Resources can provide Health Care solutions for individuals and Companies

Pathway to Wellness Screening:

"How do I find a comprehensive wellness program to fit my budget under $60 per person?."

Concert implemented a comprehensive program that exceeded my expectations for under $55/person."

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Pathway to Advocacy

"I was frantic!! My insurance company paid for my Wound Vac but denied all the supplies to use it. I had over $5000 in unpaid bills."

I called Concert for help and they were able to work with the provider and insurance company to get my supplies covered..."

"My Doctor suggested surgery but I am not sure. What should I do?

I called Concert to talk it over. They spent time discussing my medical situation and helped me develop a plan to get the answers I need..."

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Pathway to Change

"How can I encourage and support healthy lifestyle changes for employees throughout the year?"

I called Concert to ask for their recommendations . They provided a list of options to followup after our health screening. We implemented followup programs that provide regular contacts including monthly tips...

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