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Solving Dental Claims Problems...

Concert Health professionals take the extra step in solving dental claims problems. The Concert approach is to work with the individual, the insurance company and the dental provider to work out a solution that is appropriate under the company benefit structure. This often involves contacting one or more of the parties involved to determine the exact nature of the problem, whether the benefits were applied appropriately and then arriving at an appropriate solution. Since Concert helpline staffers are all Medical professionals with insurance backgrounds, they can speak knowledgeably with each of the parties. Concert Health's helpline professionals also work with the company and the Insurance carrier to clarify benefit language when the interpretation is unclear or the service requested is not clearly described.
Some common problems that Concert helpline professionals handle are:

Is my dentist in plan?

Why hasn't my claim been paid?

I don't understand why more wasn't paid on my claim

Should this be a medical or dental claim?

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