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Personalized Health Coaching extends the impact of an individual's Healthy Lifestyle Appraisal. A Concert Health professional goes over all the information in an individual's health results to set up an action plan for change. This includes specific recommendations and resources to accomplish a lifestyle change. The individualized approach bridges the gap between learning about health risks and actually deciding how to make a lifestyle change. This is a key step in the measurement => intervention => remeasurement pathway to getting the maximum return on investment from a Healthly Lifestyle Appraisal.
Other Ways Concert
Promotes Lifestyle Change:

Year-to-Year Data Comparisons for repeat participants

Detailed Printed Handouts focused on an individual's risks included with results.

Focused Health Coaching

"Starting Right" Goal Setting Program

Experienced and knowledgeable health professionals available on site or by phone

Follow-up coaching available throughout the year
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